Blogging 101: Buffer the app you need!
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Blogging 101: Buffer the app you need! || Blogtober Day Fifteen

I’m loving this little series of mine sharing the apps, RT Accounts and SEO tips. Now, I thought I’d get down to the actual apps that have saved my blog. Buffer the app you need! I’ve had Buffer since day one of my YouTube and Blog. As a full time university student I have a very busy lifestyle and sometimes making sure that I’m tweeting regularly is impossible. A massive part of my social media presence is being regular. I’ve learnt over the years that if I don’t post regularly then my views will dramatically drop.

Blogging 101: Buffer the app you need!

Blogging 101: What is Buffer

Buffer is a free app that allows you to register your social media apps and schedule posts. If you have quite a few social media accounts you wish to register than you can upgrade to Pro. But, for me I’ve found the free app perfect. Each night in my ideal world I try to schedule my next days posts. This ranges from promoting my latest blog post, to sharing my instagram feed. I also have my instagram account linked so that my instagram pictures will automatically be uploaded. This app is a complete life saver for me as often I can be at university or placement meaning I can’t get to my phone to share my latest insta picture or promote my blog post when it goes up. So, this enables me really to be in two places at once.


Blogging 101: The importance of Regular


I’ve been on YouTube for 4 years now and blogging for just over one and the biggest lesson I have learnt is post regularly! You cannot expect that all your viewers/readers follow your social media accounts they may only follow one. For that reason, it is important to try and stick to a basic posting schedule so that them followers can guarantee there will be a post for them. Also, a lot of my followers find my through my tweets that have been retweeted by RT Accounts. I try to tweet at least 5 times every other day about my new posts, videos or update my twitter followers on what’s going on, on my instagram. Through doing this I have noticed a spike in my blog views.


Blogging 101: Save time

By scheduling your posts not only are you organised but it saves so much time. If you are anything like me sometimes things just slip your mind and before you know it you’ve missed an insta post upload. To avoid this I have to schedule. There is no better feeling than scheduling 5+ instagram posts and being able to sit back and relax instead of running around like a headless chicken trying to sort out everything.


Blogging 101: It’s so simple!

To create posts it is so simple all you have to do is click the + button

Blogging 101: Step One



Then you add whatever text/images you would like

Blogging 101: Step Two



Next press schedule

Blogging 101: Step Three



You can then select what date/time you would like you tweet to go live

Blogging 101: Step Four


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