Scrunchie Wars- I put Cosy Girls Club to the test!

Recently I came across a small independent business through a friend and thought I’d give one of their products a go. I am all for small independent businesses and supporting them as behind that business is a founder who had the original idea and is pouring their life into the company. So, when I discovered Cosy Girls Club and their scrunchies I couldn’t help but treat myself to a scrunchie!

Rimmel Lasting Radiance Collection Testing + Review

When I saw Rimmel had launched the new Lasting Radiance Collection I couldn’t help myself, I had to try it out! This collection consists of a foundation, concealer and finishing powder. You can purchase this collection from Superdrug or Boots. Foundation This foundation looks like the Wake me up and that’s because it’s kind of

What is your Clinique dramatically different id?

Yes you read that right! What is your Clinique id? Not sure? Think I’m going crazy and talking rubbish? Well not quite yet. Clinique have launched their brand new custom blend hydrator. For those of you who don’t stalk Clinique’s social media let me break down what their new product is. Hydrator Clinique are known

Kiko Makeup Haul- Mega savings

It’s officially 10 days until Christmas! So, to break up the Christmas posts I thought I’d share a little makeup haul. My local Kiko store recently closed down so they had a 70% off sale which I of course, took advantage of! £40 worth of makeup later and over £120 in savings I was one

Winter Skincare Saviours 2018 Must haves!

Winter can be harsh on our skin and sometimes we forget to nourish it. So, I thought I’d share my Winter Skincare Saviours so you can get inspiration. You can use these products on their own or incorporate them into your skincare routine.   Moisturiser A necessity in winter is keep your skin hydrated! For

Clinique x Bobbi Brown Christmas Event

I’m so excited to share with you the Christmas Clinique x Bobbi Brown event that I attended over a month ago. Seen as though it was Christmas themed I’ve saved all my pictures until now to share with you all! So, if you would like to know how to get that glowing skin through skincare

Lush Christmas || Blogtober Day Twenty Two

So, I may be a little premature seen as though it hasn’t even been Halloween. But, Lush Christmas products are here! Of course I couldn’t help myself and had to have a nosy. Because is it Christmas if you don’t have a lush product?   Lush Christmas: Snow Fairy This one is a classic! I

Are we obsessed with Makeup? || Blogtober Day 20

Well are you? I know myself that I can get obsessed with makeup but Are we obsessed with Makeup? Is it something instilled in us that we need to wear makeup or is it a choice that makes us feel more comfortable? I’m going to explore the reasons behind why I wear makeup. Constant Comparison We


Battle of the hair || Blogtober Day Thirteen

My insta family will have seen that I recently changed my hair and by changed I mean chopped a lot off and changed colours. How this relates to Battle of the hair is the fact that I want to compare my two very different hairstyles and which I prefer. In the past my hair has

Clinique id

Clinique Blogger Event || Blogtober Day Two

I can’t believe that I’m sharing this event with you but little old me from Sheffield was invited to a Clinique Blogger Event for Sheffield Bloggers! Yes an event! I even attended the event on my own which was a massive thing for me and my anxiety. I’m so glad I attended because I had


Lush Haul || Summer 2018

Wow it feels like forever since I dit a Lush Haul! This is my first haul on my blog but I have done a few in the past on my YouTube. Now, I love Lush  through the years I have tried loads of their products but recently I haven’t purchased as much as I moved

Pamper Evening Essentials!

Sometimes you just need a good old Pamper evening. I don’t often have the time to relax and pamper myself but when I’m stressed I always make sure I make time for myself. I thought I’d round up my favourite products for pampering with. Especially around this time of the year with exams and deadlines

Revolution Pro Brow Pomade Review

I know! Another post dedicated to Revolution. But, honestly they are creating so many amazing beauty products that I just can’t keep to myself! My latest edition to my makeup collection is the Revolution Pro Brow Pomade in the shade Ash Brown. Eyebrows for me are one of the trickiest features to apply makeup to.

Revolution VS L’Oreal foundation sticks Review

Foundation sticks seem to be the new craze in the beauty world. At first I remember thinking, girl my mum used to use a foundation sticks when I was little and that is NOT something I am going to use! But, I jumped on the bandwagon and boy am I glad I did. I’ve picked

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer Review

I know that you have heard about this concealer because it is the talk of the town. If you haven’t then where have you been?! I introduce to you the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer, your new best friend. Makeup Revolution are killing the makeup industry at the minute with reveal after reveal of

Maybelline SuperStay 24hr Foundation

It’s one week until Christmas Eve! I’m so excited and I thought I’d share a new foundation I’m in love with just in time to purchase for Christmas Day! Now, I’m a lover of my L’Oreal True Match foundation but this foundation has to be a close second. The Maybelline SuperStay 24hr Foundation! This foundation

Wishlist makeup I would like in 2018

Ah, it’s just over a week until Christmas Eve! I’ve finished my Christmas shopping today and have the last little things to get together before Christmas arrives. I thought I would put all the makeup I’d love to purchase in 2018 onto a wishlist a) to remind me what makeup I would like and b)

Barry M Liquid Chrome highlighter Drops Review

I was recently tempted to buy the Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops on a recommendation from Sian. Now, I am a big fan of highlight from subtle, natural highlight to the popping in your face kind of highlight. However, I have never tried a Liquid Highlighter and was very dubious about trying this. I

The Best drugstore highlighters

I have searched low and high for drugstore highlighters. Let’s all be honest sometimes we like to splurge on our makeup but sometimes we want a product that is just as good for half of the price. Two of my favourite drugstore brands that have amazing highlighters are MUA and Makeup Revolution.

My Top 3 Drugstore Concealers

Trying to find the best concealer for you seems like an impossible task?! But trying to find one from the drugstore seems even harder. If you are like me and want a concealer that’s not only affordable but has good coverage then I have got 3 concealers, I think you may fall in love with.


So I recently purchased the newest additions to Tanya Burr’s Cosmetic range. I have been a fan of Tanya for quite a few years now after discovering her through youtube. However, when she announced she was launching her own cosmetic brand I was a bit sceptical about the products and how they would compare to