Decorating for Winter- Homeware must haves!

Winter is here so cue decorating for winter! Out is the summer themed bedding and in is the cosy jersey bedding. I’ve added small homeware items into our flat to turn into a winter wonderland. There is no Christmas themed homeware items as my boyfriend is baaa humbug so I’m sneakily putting the Christmas tree up in a few days.


Decorating for Winter-

Bedding & Throw

Along with winter comes the cold nights. As someone who has to get up early for placement during Winter I want to make sure I’ve had a good nights sleep. To ensure this a nice, cosy warm bedding is a must. Me and my boyfriend both agreed on this red/orange bedding from Primark but the best part of it is that it is a jersey material so it is super soft! Not only is it super soft but it’s so cosy and warm. There is nothing I love more than getting nice and toasty warm in bed especially when it’s freezing outside of my bedding.

But, for them afternoons when it’s not really acceptable to wrap myself in our bedding I like to have a throw handy to wrap around myself. My favourite throws are from Primark. What a surprise as I’m obsessed with Primark! Not only are they soft but they are only £4! What a bargain. They’ve also released a lot of winter colours. Me and Matt agreed on this grey one as I wanted a pink one but he didn’t.


Decorating for Winter- Bedding & Throw


Decorating for Winter-


My bed always looks so empty and uninviting. So, I decided to add a couple of pillows to the mix and a bit of colour! As this is mine and my boyfriends flat we have to mutually agree so, it’s not the perfect instagramable flat it’s lived in! The colours we agreed on after much dispute were mustard and baby pink. I’m really into the colour mustard so of course I had to have this pillow from Ikea. The only downside to owning pillows is the material of them literally attracts dust so every week I have to lint roll them to make them look clean and tidy.

Decorating for Winter- pillows


Decorating for Winter-

Hot water bottle

Decorating for Winter- hot water bottle

This product is a life saver, back pain, cold, belly ache. This is perfect! I’ve recently got into the habit of filling my hot water bottle up when I come in from uni and cuddle it in bed to warm up! Also this cute water bottle is fluffy which I love because it makes it so cuddly. Not only is it an essential when Decorating for Winter but from September to April this product normally makes an appearance. Decorating for Winter - hot water bottle


Decorating for Winter-


Decorating for Winter- Candle

Would it be a Decorating for Winter without a candle?! I love a candle to light on an evening not only does it make our flat smell lovely but I love watching the candle (weird I know). My favourite winter candle is  Berry Spice which smells like Christmas! Seen as though Matt won’t let me decorate for Christmas until the last minute then I keep sneaking little touches into the flat starting with this Christmas themed candle! Also it was £1 Primark, they are literally winning the homeware game.

Decorating for Winter- Candle


Now my house is decorated for Winter I need to start planning my Christmas decorations!

Products mentioned are from; Primark and Ikea. Click HERE if you fancy reading my other Blogmas posts.



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