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Friday Funday || Blogtober Day Twenty Six

Hello, today’s post is just going to be me showing you what a normal day looks like for me when I’m not at uni. So, if this isn’t your kind of thing then click HERE for a different post. But, if you’re nosy like me and want to see what I get up to on a Friday Funday then keep on reading!


Friday Funday: Walks

One of the things I suggested in my 5 things to do for free is walks! I love going for walks but I love them even more during Autumn. There is just something about walking on the crunchy leaves whilst there is a slight breeze. Today, was the day I got to fulfil that love. We went to our local park with my nephew, boyfriend and boyfriend’s mum. I think I may of been more excited about the leaves then my nephew as I was the one throwing them up in the air and picking out the best leafs! We also took a ball and played a bit of football if you can call it that, more like me flailing around attempting to play football.

Friday Funday Walks


Friday Funday: Bite to eat

Of course, all that playing football made me hungry, hard work it was! So, we stopped at the garden centre right next to the park. Now, this food wasn’t your bob standard garden centre food. Oh no, it was amazing! I had to have a pulled pork sandwich with apple sauce, stuffing and gravy. One of my favourite things is pork sandwiches on Christmas Eve with stuffing and apple sauce. So, you can imagine I was like a child in a candy store when I read this was on the menu! I expected your bob standard pork, stuffing and apple sauce sandwich but what came out was something else!

Friday Funday Bite to Eat


Friday Funday: Hot Chocolate

Would it be autumn if I didn’t have a hot chocolate. Of course, any where we go if there is a hot chocolate on the menu then I will have it! This was what I call a fancy no frills hot chocolate. No squirty cream, no marshmallows and no flake. But, it didn’t need it! It was a stunningly tasting hot chocolate on its own.

Friday Funday Hot Chocolate


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