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How to increase your DA in 3 simple steps!

DA is one of them words. You either know what it means or you don’t. For the first year of blogging I had no idea what it meant neither did I realise how important it was! Thanks to some other great bloggers such as Vix Meldrew, Samantha and Sophie I began to realise how important it was and learn what I could do to improve it.

Feel free to pin this picture and share this post to help out other bloggers! I have learnt everything I know about DA from other bloggers and I’d love to share my knowledge to help others!

What does DA mean?

So, people refer to DA as also Domain Authority. Your DA can range from 0-100 and this basically means how high you score with google and the likelihood you will turn up in searches. My current score is 19 which I’ve worked hard on for the past year. I know many other bloggers around the 30 marks!

Now, if you’re thinking that doesn’t sound that important. Well, most brands choose to work with bloggers with a DA over 20. Myself, I have worked with brands before, and my DA is 19. I think it just depends on the brand themselves and what they are looking for. In order to check your blog’s DA you can use sites such as MOZ.

MOZ is a site that measures your DA taking into account social media engagement as well! (I’ll come back to the importance of social media engagement soon!). Not only is it free but also through using MOZ’s Link Explorer you can look at your DA but also your ranking keywords and your inbound links.


I don’t mean get down on one knee and propose! Engage with other blogs/bloggers. Get yourself out there and your blog recognised by other bloggers likewise. Sitting being all grumpy won’t help you, you need to engage with other bloggers, make friends and build up your following.

A great way to engage with other bloggers is through Twitter Chat’s! A few I’d recommend is Influencer RT, Bee Chat and GRL POWR. If you’re feeling extra brave a lot of Twitter RT accounts ask for bloggers to host chats. This is a great way of engaging with a lot of bloggers you wouldn’t have before.

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Another key way to boost your DA is share, share and share some more. Most people feel like sharing their content is spamming but in google’s eyes it’s the opposite! Get sharing those posts through scheduled tweets using sites such as Buffer and Tweet Deck.


I know another abbreviation. SEO= search engine optimisation. This goes hand in hand with DA. If your SEO is on point then your DA is likely to increase!

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Now, you’re probably thinking how the hell do I improve my SEO? Well, I have a little secret to share…


You need to install the Yoast plugin as it will change your blogging game! I noticed a huge difference in my DA score when I had installed the plugin. This plugin basically simplifies what you need to do to improve you SEO on each blog post which in turn will increase your DA! You need to make sure you’re using key words, alt tags, meta descriptions, subheadings. Don’t worry if you’re thinking I don’t use any of them! Neither did I until I downloaded Yoast. This plugin does the work for you! All you need to do is fill in the boxes it says, such as your meta description and it tells you how to improve your posts. Whether that’s include your key word more or make your sentences shorter. It literally does all the hard work for you!

If you aren’t new to blogging take some time to go through all of your posts using Yoast to check your SEO. It’s all good and well having popping posts but if your original content features broken links and the SEO sucks then your DA is going to suffer!


Most bloggers have internal and external links within a post. I know I like to have both on a post as it boosts my SEO and DA. By linking to previous blog posts you are clearly pointing the reader to another post. Because, let’s be honest if you’re reading a post, the chances are you’re going to search through that blog for another post is pretty small. But, if there is a link to take you straight to another post on a similar topic. The chances are you’re going to click!

By having internal links you’re proving that you know a lot about that topic and have something to say. Google likes this because it makes it easier to move around your blog! Don’t be ashamed to promote your own content to the max on a post! This is something I’m guilty of I don’t want to feel like I’m over doing it with the links. But surely it’s better to have the links there so people can choose to read more than to not and loose that reader?!

Now, it’s all good and well having links but broken links are a NO! You can download plugins to help solve this!

I’d love to know what your top tip is to improving your DA and let me know if you use any of these tips and see your DA improve!

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