Managing Anxiety at Christmas 2018

Managing Anxiety at Christmas is so hard. Trying to stay on top of the last minute shopping, cramming in time to wrap all the presents needed and decorate can be hard. You can’t stop your anxiety but you can learn to cope with it and try to enjoy December as much as you can.

Managing Anxiety at Christmas

Tip One

Organisation is your best friend! By being organised I can keep on top of everything I need to do through December whilst keeping my stress levels and anxiety to a minimum. I love to create a spreadsheet/list of everyone we need to buy for, what we are thinking of getting them and the budget for each person. By leaving my Christmas shopping until December it can stress me out and make me anxious. Managing Anxiety at Christmas whilst keeping on top of everything for Christmas is so hard so being organised helps me to keep calm.


Tip Two

Don’t forget to have fun! Managing Anxiety at Christmas can be hard. There are so many fun things to do Christmas related during December. Put some time aside to go to a Christmas Market or decorate. I find getting into the Christmas spirit distracts me from my anxiety. Distraction for me is a good tool in the short term to focus on other things. However, it is important to not stop your anxiety and face it when it does come but focus on the fun side of this time of the year.


Tip Three

Just ride it out. Managing your Anxiety at Christmas is a part of life and you just kind of have to go with it. Focus on the positives and remind yourself that this panic attack won’t last forever. It will finish and you can go back to what you was doing. I love spending Christmas with my loved ones and getting into the festivities. Your anxiety is unavoidable, it’s a part of you but it doesn’t have to be the focus of your Christmas!


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