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My real thoughts on blogging || Blogtober Day Twenty Three

I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I thought it was about time I shared my real thoughts on it. When I first started blogging I thought it would be easy something I could manage on top of my other commitments. Everyone else made it look easy so why shouldn’t I be able to do it? Boy was I wrong!

Blogging is hard

When I first discovered blogging it was through the “bigger” bloggers. Now I don’t like using that term because in my eyes everyone is a blogger regardless of numbers. But, to get my point across I mean what inspired me to blog was the likes of Zoella who has a large following. I liked the idea of having this little place on the internet to share my story. I already had a YouTube channel but I liked the idea of having somewhere to write my feelings. What I didn’t realise is that blogging is hard. Trying to deal with it on top of being a university student and having a part time job is crazy. But, in my opinion it is 100% worth it!


It’s not all positivity and roses

When I first started blogging I was a little naive and thought it would be all positivity and happiness. I was wrong. It comes with blogging, drama. It is inevitable. Everyone has different opinions and sometimes wants to voice them and it comes with blogging. I’ve learnt that everyone is entitled to voice their opinion even if it something you disagree with. But, sometimes you have to take on that responsibility to share positivity. Now, I can’t wait my blogging journey as all negativity. Because, it’s far from that. I have made a lot of amazing friends through blogging! The likes of the girls over at Influencer RT Soph, Samantha and Liz. I’ve also made some more amazing blogger friends through a Blogtober group chat;  Sian, Soph, LucyKelly-Anne, Melly, Imogen, Niamh, Lauren, Keeley and Beka. Also, a big shout out to the fairy blog mother herself Ruth!


It is time consuming

Blogging isn’t just about writing a post. There’s drafting, taking photos, scheduling, creating tweets to promote posts, interacting and replying to comments. Also, trying to find time to fit around your life on a regular basis is hard. I find I have to take my blog photos in bulk when I have a day/evening free and then write posts as and when I can. Also, remembering to have your posts ready and scheduled on time is another flaw of mine. I can’t seem to keep my blog posts regular for more than two weeks.


It’s so rewarding!

Through blogging I have made so many amazing friends! I’ve also got involved in an amazing community who have been there for me at times I’ve needed. The comments I have received saying sharing my story has helped others are the ones that I will forever cherish. The main aim of my blog is to share my story in the hope that it can help someone else. The amazing opportunities I have had, from meeting other bloggers to events.


This is me

The Brooke that started this blog isn’t the Brooke that writes this today. I have learnt so much about myself through blogging. I’ve also developed my writing skills, photography skills and ability to multi-task. I’m so happy with the person I have become and that is partly down to blogging and this amazing community I am a part of.

Finding my happy place Learning to love myself

I’d love to know your opinions on blogging! You can also read my other Blogtober Posts HERE.




  • Beka

    Awww, thank you for mentioning me, Brooke 💗 you’re so right, I used to think I could keep on top of everything and still blog, too, but the reality has hit me and it’s just not possible. I constantly want to improve, and that means putting more effort into it than I did when I started out! And even putting more effort into blogging than I did the previous week. So, so worth it though 🙈

    Beka |

    • brookepearson

      It so us! I often have to remind myself that I need to focus on what’s right for me not what everyone else is doing in the blogging community especially scheduling posts☺️x

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