One day or day one
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One Day or Day One… YOU decide





One Day or Day One. YOU decide


We all have lists of goals. Small ones. Big ones. Crazy ones. Yes we all have them, I’ve always wanted to be Garfield the cat (sorry Brooke that won’t happen). But it’s what we do with our goals that define our future. Today’s post is going to be a philosophical one so if that isn’t your thing, cool you may want to skip todays post and read one of my past posts here.

We all go through times that are dark, we question everything. But, at the end of them times is the light, the answer. I for one believe that everything happens for a reason. Now, I’m not going to preach to you saying you must believe this too. You don’t. Simple. But, we do have the power to change our future. After a couple of rough days of moping around feeling sorry for myself, I listen to some of Logic’s music and pick myself up. For me the power of music is unreal and I relate so much to Logic’s music each and every word he sings resinates in me.

And that brings me to now, to this… One day or Day One. YOU decide.

One day or day one


You will be questioned

“You will never make it”, “that’s an unrealistic goal”, “you can’t work as that”. Sound familiar? We’ve all heard this or something similar.

People throughout your life will question your ability whether it’s your aspiration, your outfit, what you want for tea. Someone will find something to question. Without knowing you will doubt yourself, your decisions. It will probably affect your decision, you’ll tell yourself it was a stupid idea, you didn’t really want to wear that outfit anyway. But why? Who are they to dictate your future? It’s took my 21 years to realise this but hello, this is YOUR life. YOU control it so does it matter whether someone else questions your decision or doubts you? Teenager me would be over concerned but if people are really your friends and supportive they will be by your side no matter what decision you make. Even if its a bad one, we all have to make the wrong choices to learn, it’s a part of life.


You will doubt yourself

Doubt is your worst enemy and sure is mine! Sometimes, we are so involved in what other people think of us, how they see us, that we value their opinions more than our own! This is ludicrous! Do what you want to do regardless of what someone else thinks. I’ve made a hell of a lot of decisions some good and some very ugly but the people that are still here by my side are the ones who have chose to stick by me no matter what and these are the people who are the most important. Cherish these people. Because, in life we unfortunately have to make decisions and they aren’t all going to be good but this is a part of growing up, learning and developing into the person we will become.


F@*k everyone else

Firstly, I’m sorry for swearing (Mum I know you’re reading this). But, you know what I mean it! If someone wants to crush your goals, dreams and ambitions honestly tell them to do one (in the politest way possible). If you listen to them you aren’t going to achieve them? You made them goals, dreams or ambitions because you clearly would love to achieve them. Now, I know sometimes we have some that aren’t going to happen for example I always wanted to marry Zac Efron. Of course, I’d love this to be true but in reality unless Zac is going to appear in Sheffield and I randomly bump into him, then it’s not going to happen.

I’ve learnt the hard way that if you listen to what people say you will internalise it and believe them. Well, politely tell them to do one and watch you as you achieve exactly what they said you couldn’t. Boy is this the best revenge succeeding at what someone has told you that you can’t. As I write this I’m sat smug at my laptop thinking of all the people that told me I wouldn’t make it anywhere in life, sorry bob but I am somewhere thank you very much. And you know what got me here? Them dreams, aspirations and goals.

So, when someone tears you down. Don’t give them a minute no, not even a second. Write down your goals, aspirations, ambitions and dreams. Because, looking at them every day will sure bloody motivate you. It will remind you of those who said you can’t and you can look at them goals all smug because you did!

My goals

Feel free to pin this, print it, tweet it. Whatever you do to help motivate yourself!


Whack on that powerful, motivating playlist and write your goals

So, I’ve touched that when I’m feeling overwhelmed and underestimated I love to play my “pick me up” playlist. By this I mean all of my empowering songs. It features the likes of Logic, Beyonce, Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera and the cast of the Greatest Showman. These songs make me feel like a bad ass girl. Because, you know what? We are all a force to be recognised! You can achieve whatever you want, you just need to make the decision…

one day or day one. you decide.


Brooke x


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