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Strictly Summary: Pairing Up, The Strictly Curse & he came in on a glitter ball!

Yes, it’s that time of the year! If we don’t need any more confirmation that autumn is nearly here then boom Strictly Come Dancing 2018 has arrived. I hear you say what makes you qualified to write a strictly summary every week. Well I’ll have you know I have no qualifications other than I used to compete in Ballroom and Latin in my early teens. You’re probably going to disagree with my opinions but I’m open to discussions in the comments but just be nice please, I have feelings too! Every year, I seem to know a small hand full of the “celebrities” but this year I have to say I recognise quite a few and I’m especially excited to see Joe Sugg making an appearance!

Strictly Summary : Coupling, the curse and glitter ball


If I’m being totally honest I was too involved to even really evaluate it. (I definitely wasn’t chanting strictly the whole way through) But, I did notice the man the myth the legend himself Anton Du Beke arriving on a mahoosive glitter ball. This is just everything and more! Anton needs more recognition bless him, he always seems to get the “no hopes” the majority of the time (not all).


Pairings 1-4

So the pairing this show are broken into fours. With a routine in between each, this gives me plenty of time to type, comment in my Strictly chat and makes notes on everything. In this pairing is Kate, Vick, Susannah and Faye. First here’s a little background on all of these celebs incase you’re like me and don’t know half of them.


Kate Silverton 

You may recognise Kate as she is a BBC newsreader. Fun fact Kate has declined Strictly a few times before due to her busy schedule. But, she finally feels ready to take on the challenge and puts this partly down to a Greatest Showman Quote ‘There is no more noble art than making others happy’- PT Barnum. Kate believes this is what Strictly does.


Vick Hope 

Now, you may recognise her voice. Yes, Vick is the face of Vick from Capital Breakfast show. I bet you didn’t know this but fun fact Kate’s codename is Wensleydale. She also has gorgeous afro hair! I’m not going to deny I am soooo jealous of her curls!


Susannah Constantine 

Former What not to wear presenter Susannah is a contestant full of nerves and excitement. Although she admits she can only improve as she’s already at a low standard and can’t get worse. Now, I for one like her thinking!


Faye Tozer

If you don’t recognise Faye then you have officially been living under a rock, I’m sorry to break it to you! Steps was the pop group of my time along with S Club 7! If you don’t know the hair washing move then I’m sorry but we can’t be friends, until you do. I just can’t help myself with these Fun Facts but Faye can actually play the spoons and played the Strictly intro in this episode!


Now I know you all thought I’d announce the pairings but I’m going to do a little table at the end featuring them all, sorry!


Professional Performance

I love the song Havana so you bet I was grooving but that lens colour was ruining it for me. A) it was playing with my eyes B) what were the new professional males doing? I get it’s the first night but seriously that performance was a bit sloppy in areas. (I know I’m being a perfectionist but I expect the professionals to be polished not repetitively sloppy.


Pairing 5-8

I may of been the most excited for these pairings. Mainly because I want Joe Sugg to do well and I was randomly allocated Lee Ryan in the Strictly Series I’m contributing to on Sophie’s blog. So, here are some facts on Lee, Dr Ranj, Danny and Joe.


Lee Ryan 

A quarter of the boy band group Blue and he also previously featured on Eastenders before leaving to take part in Strictly. Lee does have previous dance experience but claims he skipped dance classes and has always been a better singer.


Dr Ranj Singh 

If you have children of CBeebies age then you will recognise Dr Ranj from his appearances on here and This morning. He rose to fame on these programmes from being just a normal NHS doctor. I think by having people such as Dr Ranj it is a brilliant way to open up Strictly to people of ages, young and old.


Danny John-Jules 

I cannot help myself but say “JP” every time he comes on screen, I blame his apperance in Death on Paradise. But, I didn’t know he had them disco moves in him. I am impressed!


Joe Sugg

I just presume everyone knows who Joe Sugg is but for those that don’t he is a YouTube superstar with over 8 Million subscribers. The fact that he really wants to make it to Blackpool for his nan just melts my heart!


Careoke & the 1st meet!

I love a James Corden carpool karaoke so this Strictly Careoke was everything. It was nice to see a short glimpse of the professionals relaxed and having fun away from the glitz and glam. Also, the fact they sung Whitney Houston’s I wanna dance with somebody is just, I can’t even fathom words. Following this was the first meet between the professionals and the celeb’s. I don’t know why I found this so exciting like I already knew which celebs were featured and pros but the suspense on the pros faces before the celeb popped the balloons in front of their faces just seemed to transfer to me!


Pairings 9-12

The last of the female celeb pairings and for me the most exciting. In this grouping is Katie, Lauren, Stacey and Ashley.


Katie Piper 

I absolutely LOVE Katie! Although, Katie’s husband did say she had two left feet when practising with him at home. I’m rooting Katie and really want her to go far.


Lauren Steadman 

British Paralympic athlete Lauren is stunning! I also love the fact that she requested that her partner has a love of food, yes that’s right a love of food.


Stacey Dooley 

I’m pretty sure people know who stacey is, she is a British journalist and tv presenter and has some amazing documentaries out there. The thing I love about Stacey is she is not afraid to stand up for what she thinks and voice her opinion!


Ashley Roberts

Part of the well known girl group the Pussy cat Dolls, Ashley Roberts is a professionally trained dancer and singer. Although, she describes Ballroom and Latin as a new skill to learn.


Pairings 13-15

And here it is the last of the pairings featuring Seann, Charles and Graeme.


Seann Walsh 

Seann is a British comedian who fun fact is a Queen’s Park Rangers fan! I cannot wait to see Seann’s improvement and his comedy that he will bring to the show.


Charles Venn

Any Casualty fans out there? I’m sure you will recognise Charles aka Jacob Masters. I have to say I’m impressed with the energy he brought to this first show.


Graeme Swann

A former English cricketer who is trading his bat for ballroom. He is said to be excited to try something new and follow in fellow cricketers footsteps. He also admitted he’s been running recently to prepare him for the gruelling training sessions.


The Strictly Stars Group Performance

I wasn’t wowed but there was some great starting points. Special mentions have to go to Katie piper who executed the lift gorgeously her feet especially, the point. Charles for his energy throughout the performance really made him stand out in a good way and my eyes were always drawn to him. Although, the strictly stars all looked nervous which is understandable I know I would be!

The Strictly Curse

Now, if you haven’t heard about the Strictly curse before then okay. I’m pretty sure it is a publicly known thing that occurs most years. I don’t want to bring this curse to this years show so I’m just going to mention it and move on and hope that I don’t have anything else after this series to talk about regarding this!


Strictly Summary: Coupling 2018

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What did you think to the Strictly pairings and who do you think will win?

I think I’m going to predict Danny John-Jules as winner (I’m normally very wrong so this will be funny to look back on at the end of this series!)


Brooke x









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