What I got for Christmas 2018- presents and stories!

Better late than never I guess! Yes, I know we are in 2019 and 2018 was so last year but I still wanted to share what I received for Christmas and say another thanks to my family for the wonderful and thoughtful gifts I received from them. Being able to spend Christmas with my family

Sheffield Christmas Market 2018

It’s my favourite time of the year… Sheffield Christmas Market time! There is nothing better than a Christmas market to get you into the spirit. I love the fact that small businesses come together in one place and you can support them! I may of found a couple of gems this year and returned to

Happy Gingerbread Day!- Brooke vs Matt

To celebrate Gingerbread Day, me and my boyfriend thought it would be fun to have a battle to see who could make the best Gingerbread house. Gingerbread House  So, in my head I thought we would have a decent size gingerbread house and I thought I’d bought a small one each… I didn’t realised I’d

Christmas Jumpers you need! £30 & under

Christmas Jumpers are a must have during December. But, this year I’ve decided to switch it up and include my favourite festive and fun jumpers for 2018 and they are all £30 and under! Christmas Jumper 1 My first festive Christmas Jumper is I this Asda Cream knitted Fairisle Glittery Christmas Jumper! It’s not too

5 free things to do during Winter

Winter is a cold, dreadful month and finding something to do to fill time seems impossible. Especially on a budget when you have presents to save up for! So, I’ve compiled 5 free things to do during Winter to pass the time but also save you money!   Walks I love going on little walks

Clinique x Bobbi Brown Christmas Event

I’m so excited to share with you the Christmas Clinique x Bobbi Brown event that I attended over a month ago. Seen as though it was Christmas themed I’ve saved all my pictures until now to share with you all! So, if you would like to know how to get that glowing skin through skincare

Christmas wrapping guide- Eco friendly and affordable!

My most dreaded part of Christmas is wrapping. I cannot explain how much I dislike wrapping presents. I can never get the paper to wrap, it rips, my ends don’t fold properly and then the wrapping paper doesn’t match up! It is literally one of the biggest stresses of Christmas for me. So, this year

Blogmas 2018- Welcome to Day One

It’s the 1st of December and that only means one thing! Hello, Blogmas 2018!! I thought I’d start Blogmas off by welcoming you and letting you know what is to come in the next month. So, Welcome to Blogmas 2018!   Blogmas 2018- 31 Days of Blogging There is a little debate surrounding Blogmas on

What I got for Christmas 2017!

Happy New Year! Yes it’s 2018, unfortunately Christmas is over for another year. But on the positive side I had a lovely Christmas with my families (mine and my boyfriends). I thought I would share some of the presents I have received. Every year I always see a theme in my presents whether it’s body

Happiness Planner Review: the good and the bad!

At the start of this year, I invested in the Happiness Planner. A planner that helps you to keep track of your happiness basically. I have used this product quite a few times this year however, not as much as I’d of liked. If you’re like me and forgetful then try to set a reminder

Funny Times: A donkey ate my hair?!

So as Christmas Day is nearing, I want to spend these last few days of Blogmas recapping 2017, the funny times. I thought long and hard about some of my funniest memories and my number one has to be this…… The time the donkey took a chunk of my hair off whilst I tried to

TV Guide Christmas Day 2017: Must Watch TV!

So my final prep for Christmas Day is underway. Here is what I’m planning on watching on Christmas Day. But if I’m being truthfully honest, I may have to record some shows and films as Christmas Day will be very busy for me and Matt this year. My Christmas Day TV Guide 2017… 11:10am ITV-

Christmas Eve Box ideas 2017

This year I have taken it upon myself to create a little Christmas Eve Box for everyone. I love the idea of a Christmas Eve Box. A present you can open on Christmas Eve. You could include many things: -pyjamas -Christmas dvd -sweets and chocolate -fluffy socks -Christmas clothing I don’t want to give away

Come with me to Sheffield Christmas Market 2017

Christmas is nearly here so I have completed my last trip to the Sheffield Christmas Market for this year. I may or may not of already been quite a few times but there’s something I love about walking around the market. I mean after all it is Christmas so why not get into the festivities?

Maybelline SuperStay 24hr Foundation

It’s one week until Christmas Eve! I’m so excited and I thought I’d share a new foundation I’m in love with just in time to purchase for Christmas Day! Now, I’m a lover of my L’Oreal True Match foundation but this foundation has to be a close second. The Maybelline SuperStay 24hr Foundation! This foundation

Wishlist makeup I would like in 2018

Ah, it’s just over a week until Christmas Eve! I’ve finished my Christmas shopping today and have the last little things to get together before Christmas arrives. I thought I would put all the makeup I’d love to purchase in 2018 onto a wishlist a) to remind me what makeup I would like and b)

Ideas- 50 Blogmas Post Ideas to inspire you!

Here’s 50 Ideas for Blogmas! 1. Christmas Traditions 2. Christmas Now vs the past 3. The Christmas Tag 4. What’s on my Christmas tree 5. Present guides 6. Christmas Market Guide 7. Christmas Baking 8. Christmas Clothing 9. Favourite Bloggers this Christmas 10. Christmas Wishlist 11. Holiday Motivation 12. Winter Drinks 13. Top 25 Christmas

Spending time with family- creating memories

Today has been a relaxing, chilled day. I’ve spent this morning with family catching up and then this afternoon snuggled in bed watching Stranger Things. We went to a local cafe for a coffee and some cake. Firstly, I think we found one of the most expensive pieces of cake I’ve ever had in my

Christmas Now vs The Past

The first photo is from the past, a jolly me sat in front of our Christmas tree this year. Bellow is a picture of me believe it in Christmas Day 2011. Firstly, can we just appreciate the hair change from that short pixie cut to my long natural hair (this year). Over the years Christmas

What Christmas means to me

It’s just over a week until Christmas and I’m so excited! But whilst I sit and think about what Christmas Day will be like, will it snow, what will I wear? The question what Christmas actually means to me always comes to me. When I was younger I never appreciated Christmas, to me I thought

My Christmas tree 2017🎄1st tree at our flat

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This year is mine and Matts first year putting up and decorating our own Christmas tree. We opted for a fake tree as they don’t require cleaning up pine needles and are a cheaper option. We have collected quite a few unique baubles and baubles we’ve been gifted. Bauble One Firstly, this is the first

My Forest Holiday retreat Halloween 2017

Recently my boyfriends family invited me to join them on a forest retreat holiday. I always love going on holiday and exploring places so I was 100% down to join them. We stayed in the Uk and went to Nottingham with Forest Holidays. I had an amazing 5 days and did not want to leave.

Holiday motivation 2017- how to stay motivated!

With Christmas nearly here it is that final push to be motivated and get everything completed before the 25th. If you’re like me and you’re a university student than this time of the year is especially stressful and motivation is your worst enemy. With assignment dates looming and exams, this time of the year is

What’s in my backpack 2017

It’s Blogmas Day 7! Whooo, I’ve managed 7 days of blogging. This is a massive achievement for me as I’m balancing a part time job and university too. Today’s post I wanted to focus on my new pride and Joy… the Disney x Cath Kidston backpack. The bag When I first got Cath Kidston’s email

My Christmas Wishlist 2017

Christmas is creeping up on us very quickly, so I thought I better share my Christmas wishlist for 2017. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for presents then hopefully this may help you with ideas. If you’re my family or friends, hello! Here are things that I would love it’s all linked up

Barry M Liquid Chrome highlighter Drops Review

I was recently tempted to buy the Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops on a recommendation from Sian. Now, I am a big fan of highlight from subtle, natural highlight to the popping in your face kind of highlight. However, I have never tried a Liquid Highlighter and was very dubious about trying this. I

The Christmas tag 2017- the truth

Roll on Blogmas Day Four! Yes I’m over half way there for completing Blogmas Week One. Who doesn’t love a tag and even more a Christmas Tag! Thanks to Makeup Savvy   for creating this tag. I challenge you guys to complete this Christmas tag and don’t forget to let me know, I’d love to

Christmas clothing you need!

The Christmas clothing has been donned, the tree has been put up. Yes the Christmas festivities are in full swing in our home. Roll on Blogmas Day Three. There’s nothing I love more in the run up to Christmas than wearing Christmas themed clothing. Over the past few years I have been adding to my

Countdown to Christmas with Films

Welcome to Blogmas Day One! What better way than to kick Blogmas off with my top 25 Christmas films, in no particular order. I’ve got a real mix of classics, childhood favourites and new Christmas films. Let’s Countdown to Christmas with films… Elf Home Alone The Muppets Christmas Carol The Nightmare before Christmas Bad Santa

My December Goals 2017

Well hello there December, you sneaky little devil! It feels like it was only just summer and now the count down to Christmas is on only 25 sleeps to go (gasps). As I sat planning out December it crossed my mind, why not share with you all my goals for December because they are pretty