Life update

It’s been a while since I’ve done a honest post to update you on where I am and what I’m doing. We’re now into July and over halfway through the year! I still can’t quite believe that before I know it, it will be Christmas. So, far this summer I’ve had a melt down about

Happiness Planner Review: the good and the bad!

At the start of this year, I invested in the Happiness Planner. A planner that helps you to keep track of your happiness basically. I have used this product quite a few times this year however, not as much as I’d of liked. If you’re like me and forgetful then try to set a reminder

Funny Times: A donkey ate my hair?!

So as Christmas Day is nearing, I want to spend these last few days of Blogmas recapping 2017, the funny times. I thought long and hard about some of my funniest memories and my number one has to be this…… The time the donkey took a chunk of my hair off whilst I tried to

TV Guide Christmas Day 2017: Must Watch TV!

So my final prep for Christmas Day is underway. Here is what I’m planning on watching on Christmas Day. But if I’m being truthfully honest, I may have to record some shows and films as Christmas Day will be very busy for me and Matt this year. My Christmas Day TV Guide 2017… 11:10am ITV-

Christmas Eve Box ideas 2017

This year I have taken it upon myself to create a little Christmas Eve Box for everyone. I love the idea of a Christmas Eve Box. A present you can open on Christmas Eve. You could include many things: -pyjamas -Christmas dvd -sweets and chocolate -fluffy socks -Christmas clothing I don’t want to give away

Come with me to Sheffield Christmas Market 2017

Christmas is nearly here so I have completed my last trip to the Sheffield Christmas Market for this year. I may or may not of already been quite a few times but there’s something I love about walking around the market. I mean after all it is Christmas so why not get into the festivities?

Ideas- 50 Blogmas Post Ideas to inspire you!

Here’s 50 Ideas for Blogmas! 1. Christmas Traditions 2. Christmas Now vs the past 3. The Christmas Tag 4. What’s on my Christmas tree 5. Present guides 6. Christmas Market Guide 7. Christmas Baking 8. Christmas Clothing 9. Favourite Bloggers this Christmas 10. Christmas Wishlist 11. Holiday Motivation 12. Winter Drinks 13. Top 25 Christmas

Spending time with family- creating memories

Today has been a relaxing, chilled day. I’ve spent this morning with family catching up and then this afternoon snuggled in bed watching Stranger Things. We went to a local cafe for a coffee and some cake. Firstly, I think we found one of the most expensive pieces of cake I’ve ever had in my

Christmas Now vs The Past

The first photo is from the past, a jolly me sat in front of our Christmas tree this year. Bellow is a picture of me believe it in Christmas Day 2011. Firstly, can we just appreciate the hair change from that short pixie cut to my long natural hair (this year). Over the years Christmas

What Christmas means to me

It’s just over a week until Christmas and I’m so excited! But whilst I sit and think about what Christmas Day will be like, will it snow, what will I wear? The question what Christmas actually means to me always comes to me. When I was younger I never appreciated Christmas, to me I thought

My Christmas tree 2017🎄1st tree at our flat

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This year is mine and Matts first year putting up and decorating our own Christmas tree. We opted for a fake tree as they don’t require cleaning up pine needles and are a cheaper option. We have collected quite a few unique baubles and baubles we’ve been gifted. Bauble One Firstly, this is the first

My Forest Holiday retreat Halloween 2017

Recently my boyfriends family invited me to join them on a forest retreat holiday. I always love going on holiday and exploring places so I was 100% down to join them. We stayed in the Uk and went to Nottingham with Forest Holidays. I had an amazing 5 days and did not want to leave.

Holiday motivation 2017- how to stay motivated!

With Christmas nearly here it is that final push to be motivated and get everything completed before the 25th. If you’re like me and you’re a university student than this time of the year is especially stressful and motivation is your worst enemy. With assignment dates looming and exams, this time of the year is

My Christmas Wishlist 2017

Christmas is creeping up on us very quickly, so I thought I better share my Christmas wishlist for 2017. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for presents then hopefully this may help you with ideas. If you’re my family or friends, hello! Here are things that I would love it’s all linked up

Is Autumn my favourite season?

The weather is colder, the heating gets turned on, out come the scarves, the trees loose their leaves. What’s not to love about autumn? The weather isn’t as horrendous as winter, it’s a little dreary and rainy but there is them beautiful days which are cold but the sun is still out. One of my