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The films & shows that have inspired me & will inspire you too!

There are many movies being released every year and tv shows too but only a small minority actually inspire us. Now, most shows and movies I watch are for entertainment but some have a truly inspirational message. But, how I watch them makes a difference too, whether its at the cinema or on tv such as hd televisions panasonic*. Now, I thought I’d share with you the movies and shows that have inspired me…


Marley and Me

This film is a tear jerker! But the true moral behind this film is amazing. A pet is a lifelong commitment, they become part of your family. It is only when you loose a pet that you feel the real pain. This film truly inspired me to make the most of the time I have with my pets. I realised how much they mean to me, they are my best friends.

The Last Song

Now, this film holds a special place in my heart. As someone who has been affected by loosing a loved one to cancer I found this film very emotional. Let’s just say if you have seen it then you will know when Miley Cyrus sings When I look at you the hairs on my arms stand up. I relate so much to this song and the film. As when I went through the grief and loss I met my boyfriend and he has ben my support system ever since.

Beauty and the Beast

Cheesy I know but young Brooke loved (and still does love) this film. I’ve learnt so many lessons from this such as beauty isn’t in how someone looks but beauty is how they act. Belle is a beautiful spirit that loves the little things such as reading. This film has taught me so many lessons growing up and it is partly down to this film that I learnt from a young age that appearance isn’t everything.


As a misfit myself Glee was the one tv show where I felt at home, I fit in. I love Glee, the idea of singing at school to me is the best. I love watching all their episodes and get very into the story line. So much that when it was announced Glee was coming to an end I couldn’t quite believe it. The music in this show uplifts me and it’s taught me that everyone has a place in this world.

Camp Rock

Oh yes, I’m taking it back to the Disney Days guys. Yes, I was a Disney Channel child. I was obsessed! But, can we just say the Camp Rock films were AMAZING! I mean I am slightly biased as a Demi Lovato fan from her Barney days. I always wanted to attend Camp Rock and I’m still disappointed there isn’t a Camp Rock yet?! This film taught me that This is me (see what I did there?). I learnt to accept who I am and not let anyone change that.

Please let me know the films and tv shows that inspire you!

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